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Hi everyone,

long time non see...I have a new thing to share with all of you. After a long time I thought to come back with this...I started my Instagram profile ''on_skin_project'' so go and follow me.
New things are coming

I'm back...2016...hopefully

So 2016 has begun, we are at mid January and I'm still thinking about what should I do this year. So I thought to challenge myself with new post on the blog and new accessories this year in my Etsy shop.

Hopefully I will end this challenge as I want, I thought about doing a monthly accessory and to write about the making of it on the 12 months and at least 12 new and improved accessories!!!! Who is enthusiastic?!?!?!?!ME for sure...

Starting now...still having 15 more days to complete my first one...bracelet?..brooch?...mmmm..Will see on the next post.

Stay tuned!

xx Fillis xx

Work in progress - Logo

Every time I try to find something new and interesting for my logo. It's always a work in progress...
Now I found this interesting font, called 'Null Free' ....
...playing with the name 'On Skin' and the meaning of it. Here are the results. Cool :)
One light, using the light pink to emulate the skin and the other one inspired by summer..

My friday night outfit

Maxi dress with print - VoodooLovesick
Sterling silver and concrete brooch - Catrie
90s Justin Western Fringe Steampunk Lace Up Granny Boots - awesometownvintage

Visit the page of Star Of the East to view all the outfits.
Even you can participate at this game - here are the rules:
  • Make a fun outfit with items from Etsy (you can include one of your own items) with the mosaic maker or photoshop or Polyvore
  • Post it on your blog with the links to the featured shops
  • Add a link linking to this blogpost so that your readers can see the other outfits as well, this way we will all be connected 

                                                          Have a fabulous weekend!

Wholesale on my etsy shop

This month for you I will have a wholesale of 25% - use coupon code 'WHOLESALE25'