Sun and sand necklace

8/14/2010 Fillis Seitisleam 0 Comments

This necklace is one of the larger i've made so far. Good memories with it,i've made all the tubes on the beach last weekend when i was at Vama Veche.

Vama Veche is a beautiful resort near my home town for former hippies ,rockers ,punkers ,free spirits something that is very cool nowadays. Everyone saw the changes, new big hotels and beautiful cars,very strange for this place.

So,after three days with my backpack,sleeping in the tent on the beach ,i give you this necklace.

Made out of cotton,beautiful tones of browns and beiges with a touch of yellow and orange. 20 tubes with sizes from 2 cm to 0,5 cm and a very resistant metal chain (26 cm long)

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